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» 12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud

12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud

Zinc-plated steel, high resistance
Long thread with protection
Pass-through assembly for faster installation through the object to be fixed.

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The 12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud:

  • Material: steel;
  • Coating: Zinc;
  • Length: 135mm;
  • Thickness of the part to be sealed: 60mm;
  • Diameter: 12mm;
  • Drilling depth: 65mm;
  • Effective anchoring depth: 50mm;
  • Key opening: 17mm;
  • Thread length: 82mm.

Opt for this 12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud which, thanks to its long thread, allows adjustments.
It is perfectly suited for remote installations, for example.
The protruding part of the threaded rod of the 12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud protects the thread from damage.


The 12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud is approved for the following materials:

  • uncracked concrete C20 / 25 to C50 / 60;
  • concrete C12 / 15;
  • natural stone with a dense structure.

12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud is ideal for fixing:

Assembly of the 12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud:
The 12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud is ideal for through-fit or stand-by fixtures. Depending on certain conditions, this may be suitable for remote mounting.

  1. Place the nut of the 12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud in the perfect position for your installation (the end of the 12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud must protrude about 3mm from the nut);
  2. When tightening, the 12x135mm Zinc-Plated Anchor Stud is pulled through the expansion ring and expands against the walls of the borehole.
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